I like birds a lot.

I like them OUTSIDE, not INSIDE !!! 
There is something particular about the BIRDS that I like the most. 
It is their look! It is sooo..piercing. So intelligent. 
It looks like if they understood all we think while looking at them.
I like them all, small, big, yellow, all kinds of birds.

I like them that much that,  
I would EVEN allow them to sit on my head!  
Why not? 
Je suis un peu ROMANTIQUE...

Winter Goes, Spring Comes

Winter is harsh for birds...

But when spring comes....

  All change?!

Anyway, we should always feed them.

I bought a new BIRD HOUSE!
It's gorgeous!
It is green and blue and turquoise
and it shines, just a little bit not to much...
I think, Birdies will like it a lot!


ZORRO appeared in our Bird House!
He jumped from the roof on the tree.
From the tree on the wooden fence and then...
The BH  shook and move back and forth,
 from left to right and 

then in a whole loop…
up and down and all around.   

ZORRO was just an all mighty black squirrel                           
that came to admire our Bird House.
He ate some seeds,
he didn't know that :

 This is Esther.

Esther is an ARTIST and she is my friend.
She likes Birdies as much as I likes them.
She likes to have them all around....

One day, I will go to New Guinea
to catch cassowary and I will give him to Esther...
so she will put him on her hat.  
This is the only way to put him up,
since cassowaries are flightless.

I am sure, Esther will love to have Cassowaryon her hat!


This is a hat.
This HAT is very precious to me.
There is everything I like on it.
There is a house, there is a cow, there is a bird on the cow
and there is a dog and the cat and the camel and
there are the mountains and the trees
and the little flower and the fish
and ME 
and many, many other things one can see
and even other things no one can see them...

One Day,
I will put it on my head,

I also want to have a CASSOWARY
on my head!
And even he will squeezed my hat a bit,
it will not disturb me at ALL!


In April is Esther's Birthday!
And, I forgot the exact day, but I hope Esther will excuse me
because I do sometimes forget my own birthdays 
and even those of my kids!
But I am sure that this DAY,
There will be a lot of guests at Esther's...

There will be:
Little Birds of Paradise,
Mr.Toucan who likes to drink curacao,
Mr. Pelican who likes fishes,
Mrs. Parrot who talks a lot,
the two pink flamingos
 (they usually come in two and
 they will look good next to the green cloth which
Esther will put on her BIG table)
and the Barn Owl who likes to drink a tea
with her favorite french cookie "Petit beurre"
(she likes everything which is brown because 
she is BROWN...)
and I shouldn't forget our old fellow from Galapagos Islands
Mr. Penguin in his olive green scurf (he is afraid to get cold),
 who will drink a toast with a little speech
which will definitely make angry Mrs. Parrot who like talks a lot..
And the Beautiful Mr Peacock who only drinks
And not to forget our old friend
cassowary who is already quite friendly, still a little bit shy
(even if consider by someones the world's most dangerous bird).
And there will be other guest like:
Harvey, Rose, the guys who like to play chess
and the beautiful lady who plays guitar
and Me
and many, many other friends
because Esther has a lot of them!

And we will All drink CHAMPAGNE
and believe me this will be the biggest champagne
you ever saw in your whole life!!!

And all birds will be singing and
we will be singing and talking and playing
and Esther will smile...